DISNEYLAND; we’re all kids for this!

One-day trip to disneyland is just not enough trust me! You need to divide your time properly to get a good taste of Disneyland. I’m going to share my experience to Hon Kong Disneyland with some tips and suggestions for your trip to DL 😀

Visiting disneyland is an easy process. DL has its own hotels where you can get tice-creamhe tickets and have a lovely stay. It also provides
transportation from morning till late night. You can also have all kinds of food in DL; Western, Indian, Italian, what else? Every food dreams will come true as you step in to disneyland. A Mickey shaped ice cream to dishes in the shape of Mickey’s head, DL is definitely a fantasy world.

A Mickey’s headband is a must to feel the disney vibes. Well at least my sisters and me felt the vibe and we wore the ears of Mickey till midnight! You will get a map of the DL with every little detail but if you get lost in the middle trust me, you’re not the first one. Basically there are different lands in DL. It is sort of divided into different kind of lands with each kind of attractions. For instance, Fantasyland, Tomorrow land, Adventure land, etc. You don’t want to try all the attractions in just one land. That way you won’t have time for others in just one day. So for an organized visit, sit down for 10 minutes and circle 2-3 attractions each in one land and follow the plan accordingly.

For grown ups, fantasyland may seem a place not to drop by. But I suggest you to visit ‘It’s a small world’ in fantasyland, which is a beautiful ride for kids as well as adults. You will smile throughout the ride and have a wonderful time. A horror ride is also a must in DL. You will have a huge crowd after it gets dark for the horror ride, but it’s worth it. Carry some snacks while you wait for your turn cause you will have to wait for more than an hour for some rides. The best ride for me was the ‘Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars’. This ride might scare many people as it is a hell of a ride and a must try in DL! ‘Hyperspace Mountain’ in Tomorrow land is also something you don’t want to miss. Also, an entertainment piece; ‘Festival Of The Lion King’ is the best thing my eyes have seen. It will give you chills and your jaws will drop, trust me!

It’s a small world

When it gets dark; about 8 as far as I remember, the firework starts. It is a dream come true for all of us. The magnificent fireworks dances in the air above Cinderella’s castle leaving everyone’s eyes wide open with a smile. The striking fireworks last for about 30 minutes and yet it won’t feel enough. However, don’t forget to take tons of pictures and after the lovely evening try a different cuisine for dinner. Hop in the disney bus to your hotel and have the best sleep ever.

What not to forget in your bag?

  • Tickets
  • Cap
  • Umbrella
  • Water
  • Cash (HKD)
  • Snacks
  • Camera
  • Cell phone :p
  • Sunglasses
  • Disneyland’s map

I wish you a lovely trip to Disneyland and if not planned yet, I wish you get the chance asap 😀 



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