DIY: Easy envelopes cause why not? :D

This might sound something you will never need. But when you run out of money and wanna pamper your partners, this will be just the right thing. Also, you can write to your friends on their birthdays or your mom on mothers day.

Let’s get started!cards

You will need;

  1. Colorful A4 size papers
  2. scissors
  3. Glue
  4. pencil
  5. marker
  6. card board
  7. Colorful pens

Step 1 

Cut a cardboard in this shape. It doesn’t have to be any accurate size, go with whatever size you want. But, make sure you have one side a centimeter larger than the other (You have to glue it out later. That’s why! :D) Now use this cardboard to create the outline in different papers.


It will look like this

Step 2

Fold the sides and then glue it like I’ve done it in the picture.

Step 3

Fold one side for now and the other after you insert your letter or any other paper.

Step 4

Use colored pens to decorate. You can glue some pictures or cut some other papers and stick those. Or you can just write names and go simple. Be creative an
d make it beautiful like you are 😀


Step 5

Cut a small piece of paper to write names. You can skip this part and write in the first paper as well.

You’re done! Gift your partners with wonderful words this festive season. And wish your loved ones on birthdays with all your hard work and love :)) 



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