Friendship; a bond I wish never faded

19 years and what? 90 best friends?

Time flies and with it, friendship does too. Remember when you planned to go to Pokhara after school? What happened? Did everyone change?

Till 6th grade, everyone were your best friend. 8th grade, you stopped speaking to your best friend from 5th grade. 12th grade and you don’t even know everyone’s name at school!

I recall when I almost got a group tattoo with my high school friends. We were 6 and we planned to get a cold drink each (Inked!! haha) How would it look to have a small pepsi bottle in my inner arms? Well thank god cause today, it’s difficult for all 6 of us to catch up in a room.

When we look back, we have so many people in our Facebook posts with a #bestfriendsforever tag and today, they are not even our friends.

Everyone is busy with their lives. No one has time and How I wish we could still hangout in a small cafe, counting money for the bill. Perhaps we all had different plans and we’re all in our own paths today.

However, when friendship fades, it leaves you with questions. Were you a bad company? Did you do something wrong? Or did your friend’s life just changed more than yours did?

Well may be that’s how it is, may be that’s how it’ll always be.


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  1. Aria says:

    May be you did something or many things knowingly or unknowingly which pinched their heart and buried the bridge between


  2. This ain’t about somebody’s mistake that created differences. Getting buried or building a bridge is totally a different subject. I am talking about how time changes and how we can’t stay in the same place forever. You might not have experienced that but many of us have had.
    Thanks for stopping by though.


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