What major after high school?

Deciding what to study after school is a tuff choice to make. Living in a country where few professions like doctors and engineers are given high priority, I can exactly feel what it’s like to choose the right major.

Our narrow minded society has always led teens like me to think that studying arts or management is something weak students do. Or a medical student is always brilliant than an arts student. We are the future leaders of our country. If all of us end up being a doctor or an engineer, who will run the banks or the NGO’s? The world is a large place and there are so many different subjects you can do well in. Love fashion? Go to a designing college. Love to cook? Join a culinary school.

We are the next Politicians, Models, Photographers,Writers and actors. We need to look up for our passion and interest in life. Let us all have a future where we can say, “I love my job!!” If we don’t start a change who will? Let’s think out of the box and prove everyone that any subject can be the best for one. Track your dreams and study what you desire wherever you want to. We just need to stop trailing the conventionalconfused_2.jpg idea and have mindsets of our own. Believe in your choice and make yourself proud!

However, “What should I study?” is a question only you can answer. Look through yourself and find what you love and want. This will undeniably help you answer the inquiry.

Best wishes for your future 😀


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